Apr 17

High Point Market Week Recap

Hi Recap

A week spent with leading furniture industry players, all coming together to shape the future of design with their latest and best offerings, is always a high point for Dimplex. High Point Market brings together designers, vendors, manufacturers and members from all corners of the home furnishings industry, each bringing their insights on designs, colors, forms and textures for the upcoming season; and we love being a part of it.

The Dimplex showroom for this year showcased close to 50 products including several stunning new media console and wall-mount designs as well as some really cool Opti-myst® boutique style pieces that we’re really proud of.  Each product in the Dimplex showroom combined forward-looking innovation with facets of design; bold textures, rich colours and strong form. Living true to its reputation, Dimplex wowed High Point Market attendees with its industry leading innovative fireplace products.


Click through to see our High Point Pinterest Board

Click through to see our High Point Pinterest Board

As always, we take back with us new inspiration and ideas for the future as well as some great feedback from our customers. Until next year High Point!

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