Jan 31

Swiss Chalet’s New Style

Swiss Chalet, the quintessential Canadian favourite is taking a page from its peers at Cara, the 130 year old Canadian food giant that owns many popular Canadian restaurants including: Milestones, Montana’s, Kelsey’s,  Swiss Chalet, Harvey’s and the recently acquired Coza Tuscan Grill.  These restaurants have long relied on the relaxing ambiance and atmosphere that can be created when a fireplace is part of their restaurant design.  Swiss Chalet has jumped on that bandwagon and recently added the Synergy 50″ Wall Mount to their restaurant hostess stand design.

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Now the first thing you see when you enter a newly built Swiss Chalet restaurant is a warm and inviting 50” electric fireplace from Dimplex.  Complete with the champagne crushed glass ember bed, 100% led flame effect and gentle circulating heat.  The perfect complement to the Australia delicious aroma’s of rotisserie chicken and delicious chalet sauce that have been part of Canadian food culture since 1954 when the first Swiss Chalet restaurant was opened at the corner of Bloor Street and Bedford Road in Toronto Ontario.

The restaurant has come a long way from their humble beginnings as a premier rotisserie chicken hotspot.  With over $2 billion in annual sales Cara competes in the restaurant industry and is the leading supplier of air and train travel meals.

Your next visit to Swiss Chalet is sure to be enjoyed.  Check one out today to see their fabulous new interior design while you enjoy their traditionally heart-warming food.  It’s a Canadian tradition after all dong fang qi mo.


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