Apr 21

Electricity – the future of energy

The writing is on the wall. By the end of this century (or sooner) humans will have no other choice but to replace our current fossil fuel usage with other forms of energy.  The rate at which we use these fuels and our population growth is outpacing our supply and as the supply continues to dwindle it gets harder to extract these fuels for use.

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I would like to applaud the many in roads the human race has been making with renewable forms of energy.  Continuous efforts to engineer and develop Wind, Solar, Geothermal and even Bio Fuels are starting to pay off. For instance just last week I read that in Germany renewables are responsible for generating more electricity than gas-fired power plants, almost as much as coal and will soon surpass the electricity contributions of nuclear. Currently wind turbines, hydro-electric plants, solar cells, and bio-gas digesters now provide nearly 17% of Germany's electricity. By year 2020 Germany pledges to increase that number to 39%.

Image Courtesy of PV Magazine

News like this gives me faith that we have the tools we need to navigate the future.  I think this is a commendable achievement that the rest of us can aspire to and the bottom line is that either way you put it – electricity is the answer to all our energy questions.  We just need to figure out the best way to make it.


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