Dec 27

Natural Heat Sources on the Rise

Winter months ahead, thermostats will be turned up as well as your bills. The traditional heating sources have been around for decades and the majority of us have lived in a house or currently live in a house with gas, propane or even oil heating.

Year to year the cost of living is growing and per the U.S. Energy Information Administration: higher average fuel bills are expected to rise this year for those using oil, propane and natural gas.

Even though most people don’t believe it but electric is a much more efficient and cost effective heating source. Everyday people complain about gas prices, oil prices and when it comes to saving the environment the media blames electric. Don’t plug this in, don’t plug that in, unplug appliances you don’t use and etc.

The truth of it all is electric is cleaner, and better.

Heating oil prices are forecasted at +10% vs. last year due to higher crude oil prices (driven by increased use of diesel fuel and fluctuations in the global economy). Natural gas prices are forecast to rise by 4%, with increases less than crude oil due to weaker demand for propane this year. Propane prices are forecast to rise by 7% this heating season.

In contrast, the cost of electricity is forecast to rise by a mere 1%. So at the end of the day electric is currently better, and the future looks promising.

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