Feb 18

Burrrrrrrrrrr…its cold outside

This time of year it’s hard not to hibernate 24/7.  The mercury in my neck of the woods has been routinely dipping below the -20° C mark (-4° Ft), which makes it incredibly difficult to keep my 100+ year old home warm. Sure I have a new high efficiency furnace, but for some reason it seems like my bedroom – the room furthest from the furnace, always has a slight chill. This makes getting out of bed in the morning extremely difficult. There is nothing as de-motivating as leaving the comfort of a warm bed to brave the cold morning.

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Thankfully last year when I redecorated my bedroom I decided to use an electric fireplace as a TV stand at the foot of my bed.  Not only is this fireplace a lovely addition to the room and the perfect height for viewing my TV from bed, it also does an amazing job of zone heating the space when I need it.  This winter I have gotten into the habit of turning the 1500w heater in the fireplace on a half hour before I go to bed – making my 380 square foot room nice and toasty.  Best of all, I can turn the fireplace on in the morning, which quickly heats up the space and makes getting out of bed a whole lot easier.

I can’t imagine not having a fireplace in my bedroom; my only regret is not getting a model with a sleep timer.  That would sure come in handy.


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