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Design features of Traditional, Transitional and Contemporary Design

There are many different styles of homes from traditional to contemporary and everyone has their own style. Young professionals living in an urban condo might have a more modern style than a matured family living in a rustic old century home with a traditional feel. Whatever your style may be, there are many different fireplaces for you, here our product designer explains  the true differences between them.

Traditional Design

Traditional design perpetuates a visual look that has been established during several design eras through past centuries. There are many design periods that furniture design has moved through.  They vary in design motifs, but generally remain ornate in nature.  Today’s Traditional designs remain true in their historical appointments or they are manipulated to create a revived product while retaining a visual link to the past.

Transitional Design

Our casual living style of today has created a furniture classification we refer to as “Transitional”.  Gone are the ornate carvings and fru fru appointments.  However, mouldings, panel relief’s and veneer inlays remain as design features.  These elements afford a look that is relaxed but yet familiar to past traditional furniture collections.

Contemporary Design

Contemporary and Modern styles are the polar opposite of Traditional design. The heavy use of moulding and carvings give away to flat planes and clean edges.  Glass, metal, plastic and other materials are introduced as construction materials that offer unique appearances or manufacturing techniques.  The old adage “less is more” aptly applies to this group of products.


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  • William G. on March 15th, 2012 at 6:40pm

    First I want to express that Dimplex is a quality product. Yes people do notice your work. I purchased a Dimplex compact stove years ago. Then impressed I purchased another, which developed a internal electrical problem. I contacted Dimplex by telephone. I received great advice and friendly support, to see if a simple replacement part would be adequate, I am a lic. general contractor, and felt comfortable with doing a repair. I called the help / parts contact person again and with out hesitation they send me a complete new one.

    I have since bought 1 more (and do still watch for them at garage sales). Why so many, because I install and offer them to my tenants who rent my Victorian apartments.

    The Design, quality of material and quiet operation matched the excellent no hassle support have made me a Dimplex groupie. I recommend them to all of my clients and friends.

    If you are the guy behind the many attractive designs and excellent engineering you get my endorsement.
    Your friend Regardless,

    Is there a difference between ‘Dimplex North America’, and ‘Dimplex’ ?

    • chad on March 19th, 2012 at 12:25pm

      Hey William,

      There is no difference between Dimplex North America and Dimplex.

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