Mar 22

Fireplace Feature: Cordless Electric Flame Mirror

Hi Dimplex blog readers! My name is Lisa and I am thrilled to be joining the Dimplex blog team as a contributor. Every month, I’ll be creating a room vignette showcasing Dimplex products to show you how I might incorporate one into a space. This month, I’m featuring the Cordless Electric Flame Mirror. I love it’s sleek, streamlined design- bonus that it hangs on the wall, making it the perfect fireplace for renters or small space dwellers.

In this vignette I’ve created through Olioboard, the Cordless Electric Flame Mirror is backed by a dramatic wallpaper. When using a graphic wallpaper like this one, the fireplace becomes the focal point as no additional art is needed. I paired a couple of mid century modern chairs with a high lacquered side table for contrast. Grounded by a cowhide rug, this is an intimate setting perfect for kicking off your shoes at the end of a day and enjoying a nightcap.

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