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Matching Mantel and Floor to Create Modern, Traditional, and Rustic Rooms

Few things feel more luxurious than a crackling fire, especially on a cold winter’s night.  However, making your fireplace a beautiful focal point in your room requires thinking about how to coordinate the mantel with other large fixtures, including furniture and floor coverings. The mantel frames the fireplace, and just like a beautiful picture frame accentuates a work of art, an elegant mantel will help make your fireplace the focal point of a room.

Whether you’re moving into a space with a beautiful mantel you want to work around or you’re having a new mantel installed, don’t lose sight of the forest for the trees–keep in mind what you want the overall effect of the room to be and coordinate the mantel and floor coverings to harmonize with that theme.

Creating a Modern Space

If the goal is a spare, modern feel, look for something simple and unadorned with clean lines.  Dimplex fireplaces offer easy-to-install options for rooms without an existing fireplace. While there are many beautiful contemporary options, the Mason Electric Fireplace in taupe is a perfect choice for discriminating designers looking to match bold geometric patterns in rugs or mats. Modern paintings and swathes of strong color complement the neutral tone of the fireplace. If you’re looking for something that is modern but suited for an entertainment space that will include a sleek flat-screen television, then the Bella Electric Fireplace just might be the right choice. The tempered glass top and striking black and white finish blend perfectly with floor coverings in bold primary colors or modern patterns. This fireplace will provide energy-efficient, economical warmth and beauty to complement a high-tech space.

The Royal Masonic Hospital, London: Steve Cadman

Creating a Victorian Space

Whether the room has existing floral-themed carpeting or you are hoping to create a space with a Victorian feel, a fireplace with ornate details, large pillars and rich colors has to take center stage.  The Vienna Electric Fireplace offers all that and more. The dark color will complement lighter-colored carpets, rugs and furniture. This mantel will fit perfectly in a room graced with echoes of the Victorian past, but the dark color will fit best inside a large room. If you have a smaller space but still want the traditional effect, consider the Warren Convertible Electric Fireplace in white. This fireplace can convert between flat wall and corner sizing, making it perfect for smaller spaces. The light color will also accentuate floor coverings with richer colors or more pronounced floral designs. By keeping in mind the effect you want to create in your space, you will be able to match the fireplace mantel to the floor coverings.

Honoré Room in the Palmer House Hilton, Chicago: Bud’s Rubber Room

Creating a Rustic Space

Looking for a rustic look?  A faux-fur rug, such as a large sheepskin, or floor coverings with animal patterns go a long way to establish a rustic effect.  Pairing these floor coverings with a mantel that has stonework will make your space perfect. The Fieldstone Electric Fireplace features roughened wood and stonework. On the frontier, mantels were built from whatever was at hand: split logs, rocks from the creek or even broken farm tools. To create a similar rustic feeling, select floor coverings and mantels that evoke these frontier conditions.

Sir Francis Drake Hotel, San Francisco, CA Ryan Varsi

Creating the perfect space isn’t easy, but with a huge variety of mantels and floor coverings to choose from, your dream room is well within your reach.

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  • Linda Nickerson on July 29th, 2012 at 12:06am

    Is it possible to choose any Dimplex fireplace and then install an Optimyst insert instead of the one it comes with? These are much better. Thanks.

    • chad on July 30th, 2012 at 12:33pm

      Hello Linda,

      At this point, no our products don’t have that versatility. We are continuing to improve the Optimyst products and offer better options in the near future. I will forward this feedback to our product development team.

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