Nov 29

Project Bold

The cool and trendy IIDEX/NeoCon Tradeshow that took place in Toronto this past September is a show for interior designers and construction trades alike. I got a chance to attend and discovered all sorts of popular trends in design and styling, one in particular being the splashes of bold colours. Walking the show I felt dizzy with inspiration and the idea of playing around with colours and our fireplaces seemed like a natural experiment – and that’s how ‘Project Bold’ began.

Take this fireplace for example. It’s sleek and modern, has a medium gloss paint finish which looks and feels beautiful. It comes in three pieces so if you are going to go and get all inspired and paint it, I assure you it will be very simple to customize and assemble. The parts are linear and straight–forward.

Check it! Here is my inspiration board. I love this shade of green because it is crisp, refreshing and organic. It makes a big statement too.

To create a focal point that compliments a space like the ones I’ve chosen for my design board above, I changed the outer white piece of the mantel to green, keeping the black inner piece as my base colour. Now add this black on green fireplace mantel to my Inspiration board and ta-da…it works so well!

Presenting the Bold version…

It’s Bold and it’s Beautiful.

I find that personalizing a new piece or redesigning something you already own can be a very rewarding project. So for all you crafty, creative types out there, this is a really fun project that will get you excited about your space again.

If you have an existing fireplace that could use a little sprucing-up, consider painting it a new shade! Like paint on a wall – it can change the room and the way you feel.  Making something yourself provides a deeper sense of satisfaction and appreciation for it. Even more reason to get crafty!

If you don’t have a fireplace to play around with, get inspired, create your own design board and find comfort in knowing that these types of products will be available in early 2012 – so you’ve got plenty of time to plan your next bold move.

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  • AR on November 29th, 2011 at 4:02pm

    What a great idea! I’m going to try it with my tired looking fireplace.

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