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The Family Mantel: 5 Great Ideas for Family Pictures

Is it time to add a little pizzazz to your family mantel? Are you growing tired of the drab old picture frames that have stood in the same spot for years? Why not try a mantel makeover? Rearranging the collection of family photos on your mantelpiece, using fresh new styles in photo frames, can transform the atmosphere of your home, brightening the room and adding a touch of cheerfulness to your décor. The following five ideas will demonstrate how you can use creative  contemporary designs in picture frames to bring new excitement to your family mantel:

This attractive 5×7 multi-color themed paper mache picture frame is hand-decorated with scrapbook paper, paint, trim, and other accents and coated in a protective gloss. The design, which consists of multi-colored swirling scalloped spirals and rose-colored borders framing the photo and running vertically along the left edge, will freshen your photo display and make your mantel look charming. Strategically placed floral accents add character and a delicate beauty that will make your photos, whether they feature children, grandchildren, or other family members, look special. Since these are handmade and one-of-a-kind, try creating a varied set with a bit of a themed feel by locating a few other hand-crafted frames of similar design and color.

For photos of baby, you’ll love a darling, baby-themed picture frame such as this hand-decorated frame. This adorable design features decorative, baby-themed embellishments—including teddy bear, stork, buttons, baby bottle, and ABC blocks—strategically placed around the scalloped cream-colored border framing the photo, creating an irresistible image of infant-inspired charm. A powder pink background completes the design, for a totally alluring effect. Try using this frame for the tiniest member of the family, while locating other frame styles in complementary colors that express the individuality of each of the other family members who grace your mantel.

If you have another baby in the family—or even another young child—this 5×7 hand-decorated paper mache baby and kids picture frame, which features cute zoo animals and cheerful sun designs in pastel blue and lime with orange and brown accents against a white background, will fit nicely with your baby-themed frame as long as the colors match. Buttons, in coordinating colors, strewn attractively over the four corners of the inner border of this frame make for a cute, child-like design that you might consider emulating if you should make your own picture frames in the future. Your mantel will look charming when covered with frames like this one.

A sweet daughter-themed paper mache frame such as this one, with a light and medium pink striped background covered in wonderful daughter-themed sentiments in brown lettering and accented with a brown center border and three matching brown butterflies complete with pearly bodies, is sure to be just the design for a girl of any age. Tucking this frame in among a selection of other frames in pastel pink and/or brown, and even displaying it among your brown wooden picture frames, would create a rich look on your mahogany or other deeply hued wooden mantelpiece.

An attractive plaid design frame in burgundy, brown, and tan, embellished with buttons of various sizes around its tan inner border offers versatility, since it can be used for boys’ or girls’, women’s or men’s photos. Again, this design will complement a deep-hued wooden mantelpiece, and designs such as this one look very attractive in a room where the décor is plainer and more masculine or rustic.

Whichever one-of-a-kind hand-crafted picture frames you choose to adorn your mantel, call upon your esthetic sense to create an arrangement that complements your room’s décor while displaying the shining faces of your precious loved ones for all the world to see.

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