Jun 12

10 things every Dad wants on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is this week, and we are excited to be providing Dad’s with some great gifts this year. We wanted to take a different approach today and suggest a few things that Dad might want that you haven’t thought about.

Cut the Grass

Dad’s don’t want to do any chores on the day, make it easier for him (and you) with a robot lawnmower.

A King’s Feast

Every man loves a good slab of meat, why not splurge and get him a unique rare cut for the special day.

Greek Yogurt Protein Pancakes

The only thing that beats breakfast in bed, is a healthy filling breakfast in bed.


It can be a mobile accessory, full blown media center or a simple gadget making life easier.

A classic drink

Every guy enjoys a good drink.

Anything Bacon

Today it’s hard to find something that doesn’t incorporate bacon, so anything bacon is a go to choice.

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Quality Nap

Nothing beats a good afternoon nap. These days it’s tough to get enough rest, so on a nice Sunday afternoon, every Dad loves some good shut eye.

Grill like a Pro

To make the day the best, nothing beats a good grill, take that rare cut of meat and grill it to perfection with a PowerChef Grill.


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