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10 Things That Would Have Never Happened Without Electricity

Each and every day we flip a switch, press a button, or click the remote. Electricity is a necessity in modern living and without it, most of us would be lost. The sad truth of it is, without electricity, most of us wouldn’t be able to survive. World Net Daily conducted a survey questioning what would happen without electricity. 50% of those surveyed said they would not be able to survive more than 2 weeks without electricity. What’s worse, 75% said they would be dead within 2 months.

1. What’s SMS?

4 Billion people worldwide know how to send Short Message Service (SMS), simply known as text messages. 1/3 of Americans even noted that they prefer text messages over voice calls. Without the ability to harness electricity, cellular devices wouldn’t be possible and we’d still be sending telegrams.


2. H20

You may not know it, but water plays a huge role in electrical demand. Why’s this? Water treatment facilities and the systems that pump water to every single household across the nation use massive amounts of electricity. In fact, a significant portion of a cities electric bill is attributed to the supply of water. No clean water and no hot showers. Enjoy your trip to the well.


3. Are We There Yet?

Cars, planes, trains, and even boats use electricity either for power mobilizing components and/or electronic monitoring systems & computers. Electricity has made the advent of the automobile possible and this has led to suburban growth as people began to move out of the center of the city in search of an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

4. Bundle Up

Many modern homes are powered by eco-friendly electric fireplaces like the ones made by Dimplex. These electric fireplaces convert electricity into warm air and keep your toes nice and toasty. Advances in technology have even made them look so real that it’s now hard to tell the difference between a real fire and an electric unit!


5. Internet

You wouldn’t be able to view this page without electricity. Computers, website servers, and internet hosting all runs off of electricity that flows from power plants to let you see what you see on the screen now. Think about how this would change education, schools, and socialization. No Facebook, no Instagram, and no SnapChat!


6. No Late Night Runs

Most of us are scared to tip toe down the hall in the middle of the night. Imagine having to run to the store after the suns gone down without any street lights. Talk about frightful! In this way, electricity increases safety by making nighttime visibility possible.

7. DJ Play My Song

Imagine walking to class without an iPod (a terrifying thought I know). We would be back to enjoying the fine tunes of live music instead of listening to recordings of our favorite songs and artists. Thankfully, electricity can be stored on small devices and carried within our pockets!

8. It’s Going to Be a Hot One!

Air conditioners run off of electricity that powers the condensing unit. Without the power of electricity, AC’s wouldn’t be possible and we’d all be fanning ourselves to keep cool in the summer heat!

9. Refrigeration & Freezers

Most of you reading this probably won’t remember the days when there were no freezers to keep your groceries cold. Believe it or not, your grandparents had to actually call an ice man who would deliver large blocks of ice to their homes to keep things cold. Refrigerators make food last longer and taste better!

10. Invention of the Light Bulb

In 1885, Thomas Edison famously discovered how to develop a practical incandescent light bulb that produced electric light. Through countless failed experiments, Edison was able to create a life changing idea that has completely altered the course of history.


What Could Cause an Electric Shortage?

Excessive use and wasteful consumption can lead to power outages. Some even pointed out the negative effects a Coronal Mass Ejection could cause. Think this type of solar flare can’t happen? A minor CME hit Canada back in the 1990’s and left the entire area without electricity for a week. Oh electricity how I love thee.

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Images: www.freedigitalphotos.net

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  • Sophie Palmer on August 21st, 2014 at 1:27pm

    I think that a world without electricity would be primal! We would probably still be in caves eating leaves, wearing leaves and travelling by bare-foot, listening to the weather and not learning anything.

    Thank you electricity!!

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