Jul 24

5 Summer-lovin’ Fireplaces

Those of us who work with electric fireplaces think of them as perfect for all 4 seasons.  After all, you can operate them without heat, and just enjoy the ambiance anytime.  However, we know that fireplaces are a hard sell in the summer, when we’re enjoying warm temperatures and indoor-outdoor living.     That’s why I’ve come up with a selection of electric fireplaces that really do invoke a summer vibe, so you can enjoy them for summer soirees, and then keep that feeling going all through the colder months.  Here are my picks for summer-lovin’ fireplaces:

This one has layers of ‘sand’ in the bottom, to help you remember all those lazy days at the beach with the family.  Whether your favourite beach is in Canada or Hawaii, we bet this one will have you reliving good times all year.

Model Shown:  Dimplex Sahara

Do your summer memories include skimming stones across a lake or pond?  The natural pebbles in this fireplace will take you back there in an instant.

Model Shown:  Dimplex Pelham

The moody grey colour, smokey topaz glass front, and broken glass ember bed reminds me of a summer sunset, with light sparkling on a still lake.

Model Shown:  Dimplex Inspiration

Nothing says ‘cottage’ like a wood stove.  This electric version is a fresh update in cream rather than the expected black finish.

Model Shown:  Dimplex Celeste

As cool as a northern lake, including the pebbles on the beach, this white glass model will remind you of campfires by the shore, after a day on the water.

Model Shown:  Dimplex Convex in White

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