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The Magic of Opti-myst: Q&A with Dimplex Marketing Director Jane Laurie


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This fall, Dimplex is launching an expanded line of Opti-myst products and our entire team could not be more excited to bring these enchanting fireplaces to market.  Spearheading the launch of this new expanded product line is Jane Laurie, Director of Marketing for Flame Products at Dimplex.  With over 10 years of experience in the industry and a virtuosic knowledge of the latest sales and marketing techniques, Jane is a passionate and enthusiastic leader committed to providing customers with products that truly deliver on quality, beauty and comfort.   She joins us today to answer a few questions about Opti-myst and the future of the electric fireplace in North America.

What is your role at Dimplex?

I am the Director of Marketing for our Flame division, and boy does that ever make for a busy schedule! I manage a team of Dimplex marketing professionals, while helping to drive strategy and increase brand awareness for our wide array of high-quality fireplace products.  I work closely with our product development team overseas at our parent company, Glen-Dimplex Ireland, to help create beautiful and functional new products for our customers each year.  I travel quite often, spending plenty of time meeting clients and consumers at various trade shows and industry events, helping to spread the word that Dimplex is the industry leader in stylish, affordable and highly functional electric fireplace products.

How has working with Dimplex changed your life?

There are so many ways! Since coming on board at Dimplex, I have learned many valuable lessons and honed my skills in so many areas.  One of my favourite things about working at Dimplex is seeing the amazing results that come from a team of talented, devoted and driven people working together to achieve extraordinary goals. Working here means getting the chance to meet and interact with new people each and every day, and that can be incredibly rewarding and incredibly challenging all at once.  It means getting to see a project through from inception to development to completion.  It’s a pretty exhilarating feeling to go from approving a line drawing on an engineer’s computer screen to taking delivery of a finished product sitting on pallets in our warehouse, ready to ship out to eager customers and clients.


What is the best part of your day at Dimplex?

The people.  Dimplex is such a people-driven and people-focused enterprise, and that’s one of the reasons I’m happy to come to work each day.  Seeing people come together in a true spirit of collaboration and cooperation is a powerful thing.  Whether we’re working on launching a new product or putting together a plan for the next trade show, we never have to go it alone: there are always team members there to back each other up.

Tell us a little bit about Opti-myst.

Opti-myst is magic. This new product is the cutting edge of innovation in the electric fireplace industry. When we launched Opti-myst at the spring HPBA show this year, our tagline was “Do you believe in magic?”  Because that’s what people see when they are introduced to the Opti-myst for the very first time.  The new Dimplex Opti-myst flame technology is truly a sight to behold.  It looks so realistic that people walking by our booth were constantly doing double-takes, amazed at how true-to-life and beautiful this amazing new technology really is.   Our commitment to providing customers with impeccable realism really paid off for me that day.  There’s nothing like watching the smiles spread on the faces of tired-convention-goers when they see something like Opti-myst, something truly delightful and pleasing to the eye.


How does Opti-myst achieve such amazing realism?

It’s revolutionary. Our Opti-myst electric fireplaces use a patented ultrasonic technology combined with a powerful Halogen illumination to create a lifelike illusion of flame and smoke.  The secret is water!  Each Opti-myst unit comes equipped with an easy-to-fill water reservoir that allows for 12 to 14 hours of continuous operation. This means there are no harmful particulates or emissions involved in the technology, so it’s the safe, logical, and beautiful choice for any living space.

What kind of fireplace units are available?

There are plenty of options. We have an Opti-myst unit available to suit any living space or situation. From direct-wire capable built in units to gorgeous traditional wood mantels, to contemporary wall mounted packages, you can be sure that we’ve created a product line to be proud of.


What else should we know about Opti-myst?

Opti-myst will revolutionize the electric fireplace. In a world where efficient and sustainable heating technology is of the utmost importance, Opti-myst is a giant leap in the right direction.

What can consumers expect to see from Dimplex in the future?

Quality, innovation and excellence, of course! As a team, we are committed to delivering amazing new products to delight and inspire our customers, helping to fulfill all of their home comfort needs.  Our new product lines continue to expand and grow, and we can’t wait to show you more.

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Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Jane! To learn more about Opti-myst, check out the Opti-myst product information page, and keep an eye on our website.  New Opti-myst products will be launching soon!

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