Jun 07

Ambiance for your Outdoor Living Space

Just because it isn’t a winter wonderland, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy an electric fireplace. Yes, you can choose to turn your electric fireplace on, and enjoy the ambiance without having the heater on.

I am thinking about taking this a step further, how about an Outdoor Electric Fireplace. I’m not talking about a fire-pit that you can roast marshmallows over, I’m talking about adding a beautiful focal point on your deck. Nothing better than watching the sunset with your partner/family with the ambiance of an electric fireplace glowing beside you. It not only looks great, but also offers a CD player, mp3 jack and radio with speakers. This fireplace not only boost stunning flames, but great sound.

If you’re not in the market for an electric fireplace, but maybe an Outdoor Electric Stove is something you are looking at. The stove is a bit more portable, and can be the center of attention when hosting a late evening barbecue. Tired of having those pesky mosquitos around – don’t worry, the Spectra Electric Stove offers a CitroBlock™ system which features a built-in fan-forced blower which quietly and evenly distributes the pleasant natural citronella fragrance.

With more and more families creating outdoor living spaces, Dimplex is working hard at supplying you with high quality outdoor heating products that will not only work well, but will make your living space a stunning recreational getaway.

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