Jul 26

Benefits of an Electric Grill

In today’s market, there are many different alternatives to your everyday bbq. Even though it’s not in popular demand, electric grills have many advantages over gas and charcoal grills.

Easiest way to Grill

Simply stated; you just plug it in. There is really no need for you to prepare the grill, it means more time for  you to enjoy your company.

Convenient and fun to use

Unless you purchase a camping grill, most BBQ’s aren’t that portable. You have to lug the grill around as well as a tank or bag of charcoal. With an electric grill, it’s all in one, find your nearest electrical outlet and your good to go. Most electrical grills are especially designed to be more portable. Like the PowerChef Convertible Manual/Electronic - it’s designed for you to carry it like a suitcase!

Power. Performance. Smart

There are many doubters when it comes to the power and performance of an electric grill. As most of us already know, electric is the way of the future. It’s cheaper, more convenient to use, better for the environment and produces the same amount of power. With a 216 square inch cooking grid that reaches up to 650°F, not many griller’s can say that’s not enough power. Plus the EvenSear™ Active Heat Cooking System which makes sure that every inch of the grill is the same temperature – you don’t have to worry about some food cooking quicker than others.

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