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Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas for Halloween

If you haven’t already decorated your fireplace mantel for Halloween, get out your cobwebs, spiders, black lace, and get going. Halloween is just around the corner!

My sister’s birthday falls on Halloween and so, every year instead of birthday decorations she invests in amazing Halloween decorations for her house – always more inside then out and they get better with every passing year.  And what better way to anticipate Halloween then to enjoy the spooky setting of ghosts and ghouls?

This is low key for my sister, but Halloween is still a week away and knowing her Martha Stewart ways, she’ll have the house all decked out top to bottom come Saturday for the Halloween Party.

But why stop at the mantel!?! Decorate unexpected areas in your house – your guests will get a kick out of all the decorations and the time you spent to set the mood for a perfect Halloween.  Here are some ideas from my sister’s house – black crows and magic potions on the shelves in the living room, a witches hat on the lamp, and my favourite, a witch silhouette in the front window…it startles me every time. She is totally spooky at night; you’d think she’s at the front door – EEK!

When decorating your mantel at home, you can make it seriously scary, artsy or fun for kids. Whether your mantel is modern, traditional, transitional or country you can work with it, in fact you can choose decorations that highlight the design and go crazy with a theme – maybe bats, skulls or pumpkins!

Check out some more incredible mantels for inspiration!

50 Great Halloween Mantel Decorating Ideas

Because Halloween has always been a double occasion day for me, I’d like to acknowledge all the people who share their birthday with this fantastic holiday. Happy Birthday to you all!!! I’d like to wish my lovely sister a wonderful birthday and thank her for allowing me to take photos of her boo-tiful home to share with you. Thanks Sis.

Have fun a safe and Happy Halloween this year – whether you’re trick or treating with little ones, attending a costume party, carving jack-o’-lanterns, visiting haunted houses or watching horror films, let the eeriness of this haunted holiday keep you on your toes.

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