May 31

Grilling without the hassles

The weather is nice, which means their is a lot of work to be done around the house. Not only that, but with spring comes busier recreational schedules; kids soccer practices, lawn maintenance, and having the weekly softball team over for a fun evening barbecue.

Yes, we are all very busy, but their are a few things that can help save some time and hassle.

Think about the time and effort it takes to get the traditional propane or charcoal bbq out. You have to lug out the “cue”, clean the grill, refresh with some new charcoal blocks or try to find the propane tank – hoping it’s full and you don’t have to take a drive to your local store.

Just Plug It In

Enter PowerChef outdoor electric grills, the convenient, lightweight electric grill has all the same benefits of a traditional grill with some added extras. The biggest benefit of an electric grill is how easy it is to use and maintain. You simply just plug it into an outlet – their are no heavy propane tanks or hook ups.

Regular maintenance is minimal

Most grills include an easy to remove drip tray, and the cooking grill is dishwasher safe. Right away, your grill can be cleaned without any work. The reason why it’s so easy is, the grill has no open flame, without the flame and smoke, the grill has a better chance to last longer and require less maintenance.

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