Oct 06

Home Sweet Home

My husband and I, newly wed, have recently set out to find our first home. As first time home-buyers we are excited yet terrified at the thought of buying a home. We have done the responsible thing and saved for a down payment, closing costs, etc., educated ourselves on the market, interests rates,  have discussed endlessly what we are looking for in a house and are very realistic about the house we can buy within our budget. There are no delusions. We are emotionally, financially and psychologically ready to take this big super-scary step together.

We started researching the area we want to live in over a year ago so that when we were ready to buy we would feel more confident and be better calibrated to the housing market and homes in the area. In the last 2 weeks, we have seen 22 properties with our very bubbly, smart, and enthusiastic real estate agent and so far I would sum up the process as emotionally exhausting, time-consuming and totally scary. I should probably mention that I envisioned the process of looking for a marital home with my new husband to be a combination of exciting, fun and romantic. Okay, so there were some delusions…

Let’s fast-forward to our must have list:

  • 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bath
  • modern kitchen with island
  • fireplace
  • big windows for a bright airy feeling
  • decent sized backyard with access from the kitchen
  • double car garage

Last night we went to go see a potential property. It met all the must haves plus more. This home featured a double sided fireplace with 2 mantles in each of the living spaces – incredible right? The basement was finished…by the builder!!! The basement is rarely finished, and it’s even rarer if it’s finished by the builder. This house is perfect, not only does this home meet all of our criteria and more, it’s exactly the house we have been looking for…so then why doesn’t it make me want to run to the bank?

Finished top to bottom, in theory this is the perfect house but there was no “I want to live here”. It didn’t feel like home. I truly believe you have to feel a pull, there has to be something special about the house and last night there just wasn’t any of that.

Although an exhausting process, we are learning loads about the home buying process and about each other. We know it’s just a matter of time before the stars align (our dedication, commitment, perseverance and preparation pays off) and we find the house that makes us want to put out that cheesy mat on our front porch that boasts “Home Sweet Home”.

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