Mar 29

It’s that time of the year… Spring Cleaning

Spring is a great time, isn’t it? At my house I always spend a lot of time cleaning the house, washing windows and doing some extra cleaning after a long winter. Purging is part of this cleaning process where we try to downsize the contents of rooms, making the feeling of “new” come alive.Redesigning rooms is always part of my process and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Combining functionality with design is easier than you think!

The family room tends to be a catch all area. DVD’s, video games and CD’s all seem to find their way to the TV area but never seem to get put away. While rearranging the TV area, look around. Do you have a place where all of these things can be stored out of view?

Dimplex offers an extensive line of media cabinets where you can proudly display your big screen TV, while hiding all of the components and toys. The fireplace is the bonus. Not only do you get functionality in a popular area, but you also can have the advantage of a nice looking fireplace without compromising the warranty of your television. You have now taken a cluttered area and made it look organized and elegant.

What are your spring cleaning routines?

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