Dec 13

Save Money Heating Your Home This Winter

Along with a drop in temperature, winter brings with it higher gas and electricity bills.  There are many ways to save money heating your home; here are 5 easy and effective home heating tricks anyone can do to trim the dreaded bill.

Let the sun shine in – Letting the sunlight in during the cold winter days can really take the chill off a room, so don’t be afraid to pull back the curtains and let the sun stream into every window during the day.  Get into the habit of doing this before you go to work and it will help to keep the temperature up and the gas bill down.  At night, closing your drapes will also help insulate the room from the cold glass.

Put on a sweater and wooly socks – It’s far more cost effective to throw on a sweater and wooly socks and wrap a blanket around you, than to crank the heat. I know it’s easier said than done but once you are warm and cozy, you’ll most likely have forgotten about turning on the furnace. You can do similar with your bedding at night. Turn down your furnace for the night, add layers of bedding (fleece is best as it offers the most warmth with the least weight), keep those wooly socks on and chances are you won’t be woken up by the cold. Sleeping in a cooler room makes for a better night’s sleep anyway.

Use your electric fireplace to zone heat – Turning on your electric fireplace to heat the space you are in is a great option to keep your gas bill down. Your electric fireplace is an inexpensive way to zone heat and create ambiance– especially perfect for days when you’re reading by the fireplace.

Close vents – Close vents in rooms that are not being used. It’s a waste to heat unoccupied spaces. You may be able to do this with a spare bedroom, spare washroom, or basement.  This will help to concentrate the heat in your main living areas.

Close doors – Once you close off your vents, close the door to that room as well. Closing doors to any room you are not using is a good rule to keep when heating your home. Remember that laundry rooms and bathrooms are the draftiest, so closing those doors will prevent the warm air from escaping.

Happy Winter and Happy Saving All!

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