Mar 17

Selling your home? Increase salability with an electric fireplace

I don’t know about you, but the weather’s been brutal this winter. Not with standing, spring is right around the corner, along with warmth and one other thing: the spring home selling season. One thing realtors always focus on is trying to increase your home’s salability factor. And I can think of no better way of increasing your home’s salability then with an electric fireplace.

Salability is good for a couple of reasons. One, it will get your house sold faster. Two, it will get your a better price for your home. An electric fireplace will help in both of these areas.

In addition, unlike other methods of increasing your home’s salability, such as renovating a bathroom or kitchen, installing an electric fireplace is both cheap AND easy. Most electric fireplaces are ‘plug and play’, meaning, like any other electrical gadget, you simply plug it in and it works. On top of that, electric fireplaces are very easy to assemble, with clear easy-to-follow instructions.

Additionally, an electric fireplace is a LOT cheaper than renovating the bathroom.

Now, do I think you’ll get your money back from this investment? Well, think about this. You’re selling your home. A prospective buyer walks into your home, and usually the first thing you see is the living room, right? So, imagine your new buyer walking in, with this Dimplex Hartford Electric Fireplace, or perhaps this Dimplex Caprice, smack in the center, flames on, heat turned up?

If this doesn’t get your buyer excited, and doesn’t increase your home’s value by at least what you paid for it, I don’t know what will!

A couple of things to remember when selecting an electric fireplace: make sure the style of your fireplace fits the home. For example, if you’ve got a more modern condo or apartment that you’re selling, the Dimplex Langley Electric Fireplace at the top might be more appropriate then either of the models above. And lastly, make sure the fireplace fits the size of the room. You don’t want a tiny fireplace in the living room it just doesn’t look right or, conversely, a large one in a small bedroom.

The only problem I can foresee: once you put an electric fireplace into your living room, you might want to take it with you to your new home!

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