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Style by Culture: Incorporating Traditions in Edgy House Designs

A house will never be a home if it doesn’t reflect its owner.  Every house has a story and each home has a message. The question is, is your house telling your story and is your home conveying your message?

People in all walks of life have different personalities and perspectives. Some are classy, others are bold, but only a few are both. Now, if you’re one of those few, what do you need to do to show that you not just live in your house, you own it!

The complete contrast between traditional and modern designs will create a home that is not only pleasing to the eyes, but is also appealing to varying people in different age groups. So, whether you are the kid who is stuck living with his/her grandparents or you are considered to be the most ‘ancient’ person in your house, you will truly appreciate this house design.

First to consider are the walls of the house. Nowadays, walls painted with art are taking its toll in the market. Since you are that classy and unique person that you’ve always been, why not consider decorating your walls with vintage wall arts? Or, if you think that’s too expensive, try buying picture frames with classy and edgy designs.

Of course, an abode will not be completed without its flooring—unless you’re considering building a swimming pool inside your house and sleep in it. Now, take into account the wall design that you have already pictured, and then, you need to choose on the best materials to use which will truly work harmoniously with your walls. If it’s wood you’ve opted, go ahead! If you’re fond of carpets, decide on the best colour!

Lighting has a big impact on the mood of your house. Always remember that your lights should complement the colour of your walls and floor. Pick out the best chandeliers and lamp shades that will give emphasis on the message you are sending out. And of course, know your hue!

Now, the hardest part—picking out the furniture sets that suit your home the best! In the living room, comfort should always be the primary concern. There is no use in buying a chair or a couch if you will not sit on it. Whatever furniture you select, make sure that you accessorize it with different pillows. If you have chosen to hang traditional black and white picture frames on your walls, make sure that the design of your pillow cases are as vibrant as possible to achieve that contrast you are looking for!

The ceiling of your house is your own imagery of heaven. If you do not prefer to accentuate your walls, you can always find hope in your ceiling! Always be reminded that you should not overdo the design of your home. If your walls are already highlighted, it’s better if you have modest ceilings. If not, there are varieties of ways to design a ceiling. Always choose the best materials and design you’ll use.

Lastly, accessorize! You can always use stones to get that modern and classy look. You can basically create your own ornament by getting an empty glass bowl and design it with stones.

Designing and creating your dream house cannot be done overnight. No matter how stylish a house design is, if it doesn’t show you, you can never own it.

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