Aug 02

Summer Social Grilling

For decades the BBQ has been the mainstay of the backyard. Every summer backyards are filled with weekend party’s, camp fire’s and some fun socializing.

Nothing beats a nice Saturday afternoon, drinks on ice, chilling with friends  and the sweet smell of the grill. The essence of the summer backyard revolves around the grill. Any social entertainer knows you gotta have a good grill to throw a good party.

Next time you go to a backyard party take note; the men group around the grill. Drink in hand, grilling tool in the other. Kids running in and out of the pool, and the woman gossiping in lawn chairs.

Probably around this time your asking, what’s the point of this blog post? You probably already know how much fun social grilling is, so I guess the idea behind this post is just to remind you to enjoy the rest of the summer months.

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